Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some shows for those who missed them.

I dug out some interesting shows that may be of interest.
I have some others to put up there as well. This is just a very small selection and may give some understanding of how good this radio show was.
All unedited so adverts and all. Shows generally start about 10->15 minutes in to file.

Mediafire link

McLaren, Lydon, Stooges and Pete Townshend, Matlock, Hall of Fame day, Katrina money raising, Cook , Scabies more to come Julien Temple, Moby , Craig Ferguson , Darryl Hall, Mr Belvederes testicle story , New Order ( just listened to this one and it is very funny "Anarchy" in particular ) , Billy Gibbons , Dicky Barrett , Def Leppard and Paul Anka.

So start them playing and its like Steve never went away :-)

At least try to leave a comment and i will keep doing this. I see the download counters.

Doing this you really get to hate the gotomypc leo laporte advert.

"Face on a friday"
"Ding Dongs"
When they lost the original phone number
You may notice the blog filling with more info as i actually listen to the old shows.
2004 onwards.

( UPDATED : August 2013 : Commenter Frogspasm wanted the New Order show. i thought i had uploaded it and in serarching for it realized i had not given a link to the other directory from that time. So here it is. Mediafire Link 2 .
(All the Eels shows are there cause i gave them to an author. never did get a copy of that book )
As a quick fix here are the Steve/Tim Burgess/New Order version of
Anarchy in the UK and Bizarre Love Triangle )


The Cult of Shewan said...

Keep up the good work pal - I keep checking back for jonesy news - hope he gets a new show or something sorted out soon

SteveyB said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I only got into Jonesy as he was taken from us - so these links are a godsend!

Thank you!

chief-noc-a-homa said...

Thank you for posting this. Can you please post up the episode where Prince debuted his 4 songs. I think it was from Dec. 18, 2008.

Stuart said...

Prince was not on the show but Shovel talked about visiting prince then they played the songs.
I will upload it anyway.

Michael said...

Much appreciated.

Todd said...

Thank you so much!
Do you have the episode with Andy Summers of the Police?

Stuart said...

I was looking at the disk with that show on this morning and dig it out
( February 21 2007 )

sisters in black frocks said...

i would love if u could upload the episode from june 6, 2006. he said he gave me a bday shout out, and i never got to hear it=(

Peter said...

Great site. Any chance you can put up Jonesy's earliest shows from 2004? Back when they were just a hour long broadcast? -Peter Hamilton

Peter said...

I specifically love the episodes where it is just him and no guest. Would love anything from 2004, though. -Peter Hamilton

Stuart said...

I dug out some 2004 including the oldest show i have ( july 2004) They also used those 1 hour shows as fillers when Steve was on vacation so some were repeated in 2005/2006 as well.

The main problem i have now is even this edited list from the 4 years is 17GB and just uploading it is a PITA.

biopunk said...

Just found these.

Miss his shows.

Thanks so much!

Rocknmysocksoff said...

So damn stoked you have these! I'm on the east coast now and homesick as hell. Jonesy puts a huge smile on my face. Thanks!

Frogspasm said...

Ack! I've been looking for the New Order show for years! I don't see it in that folder. Any chance you could re-upload it? I would be eternally grateful!

Stuart said...

Frogspasm. See update in post.
I think i tried to find you before when you posted your other comment but couldnt find a way to contact you.
Enjoy. The Soundcloud link has the Bizarre Love Triangle song edited out.

Frogspasm said...

Thank you so much! I never thought I'd get to hear that version of BLT again :)