Monday, January 11, 2016

Dave Grohl on first of Weekday shows

All arranged before Bowie's passing and was meant to be about Lemmy but...

Retelling of Steves story re nicking Ziggys mics, might be first time he has said he sold them to Bernie Rhodes.

Stories about Lemmy and his funeral.

Dave and his leg break

Dave , then aged 18 , tells story of when he "met" Steve , outside Fairfax High.

Steve tried to pass on Professionals cd for Taylor of the Foos. As with these things cant be found.

Steve telling story about meeting Bowie just before starting show on Indie.
Steve "I am starting my radio show tomorrow and i dont know what i am going to do but i am going to play a lot of you"
Bowie "Thanks because no one else is playing me"

Replay phone call with Bowie from 27 April 2004 .
Such a great conversation. Bowie so supportive of Steves , at that time, new career.
Talking about producing Lulu and about some unreleased tracks.
"A bit too much chocolate in the chocolate factory"

"The thing i realise when you get old is that a lot of people die"

Steve sings "Heroes" to end show

"I dont know what i am going to do tomorrow i hope nobody dies"

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