Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Guests: oct 12th 2017 John Doe and Exene

John Doe and Exene

X : 40 Years of Punk In Los Angeles

Another great show. History lesson .

John Doe re Ray Manzarek "Like a real rock royalty dude"
Exene "He says terrace, i say roof"
General spitting talk :)
Pogo origin
Steve "The spitting was out of order especially if you got it in your mouth"
Exene "I did all the things that would prevent us from becoming successful"
Trademarking John Doe
Getting the key to the city.
Steves Star.Gene Vincents star.
Exene "Billy used to play with Gene"

John "Where they used to stand and get crushed"
Steve "In the good old days"

Steve watches the Carol Burnett show.

John " Get billy to step out for a second"
Steve "Would he like that ?"
Exen "He would like it if you joined him"

Exene "Good luck to you all tonight"

"The New World" X "it was better before before they voted for what's his name "

Exene was first on way back July 30th 2004

John has been on a few times 2004 , June 2th 2005, June 11th 2007 , July 25th 2016 and a few more i cant find just now :)

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