Monday, January 22, 2018

Guest: Jan 24th 2018 Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland
Previously a guest April 2006

Steve "Blood Exit"

Steve "You guys never talk about getting back together?"
Stewart "No"

Stewart "Originally, we parted screaming at each other"

Stewart "Most musicians , sorry, guitarists..."

Steve "What really helped me was this doctor down Harley Street, he used to do these
pills called Black Beauties with some Mandrax
Stewart "Mandrax ."
Steve " Do you remember them ?"
Stewart "From the mists of time .."
Steve " Oh man they were good "
Stewart " An english version of quaaludes"
Steve "Exactly"
Stewart " Since when were you down on Harley St, thats fancy?"

Wimpy Burgers !
Stewart "The thinnest piece of meat between two pieces of cardboard"

No.2 wind

Steve "You a fan of Pink Floyd"
Stewart " not so much"

Great show. Too much good stuff to type.

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