Friday, February 11, 2005

Vidal Sassoon

Guest: Vidal Sassoon

Vidal talked about growing up poor during World Wat II He worked
as a messenger boy til one day his Mum said "You're gonna be a
hairdresser." "I'm gonna be a soccer star." said young Vidal. "No,
you're a hairdresser," Mum reinterated. He referred to the '60s as
"The Golden Age of Pussy." Talked about meeting a tearful,16 year
old Twiggy when she was hanging from the rafters and coaxing her
to stop crying cuz David Bailey couldn't photograph her like
that..Told a story about cutting Mia Farrow's hair for $5,000
while a bunch of photographers and cameramen recorded her giving
on impassioned speech about the plight of the American Indians.
Jonesy wants to try Viagra again, and is looking for volunteers to
provide inspiration.

Songs included:

Fleetwood Mac-Man of The World
Faces- Ooh-la-la
Wilco-The Lonely One
Eric Carmen-All By Myself
Hall & Oates-She's Gone
Nick Lowe-Cruel To Be Kind
Chelsea Fight Song..

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SEAN JAMES said...

This was one of the greatest interviews With Vidal , Is there a link to the actual interview , please send to thank you