Monday, June 06, 2011

5th June Playlist

"Hon St Tom, tottering the knobs"
"Was it a fiasco , a scene ?"
"This is track 9, is it track 9 ?" "6" "Thats what i said its 9 upside down"
"I didnt have schooling"
"Im the man before the moment , Just trying to help you out kids"
"I hope she aint on the phone she has a nice head"
"Thomas St Hon"
"Are you verified?. My self esteem feels very good having that little tick"
"Do you like the hippopotamuses in the background ?"
"That does help, having a good song"
"My driver drives a prius"
"Its got 95,000 miles on it"
"I might get a Ford Transit , put a bike and a mattress in it"
"It looks like a molesters van"
". and no one else is on MySpace. Its like a wasteland of nothingness

The posted playlist was just the same as May 22nd.

This one started;
Arctic Monkeys
then the rest

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Leslie said...

Where's the playlist?!