Friday, December 31, 2004

Naveen Andrews

Guests: Naveen Andrews (TV series "Lost","English Patient", the
new film version of "Pride And Prejudice"), Juliette Lewis. Steve
and Naveen played in-studio versions of "Silly Thing","Seventeen"
and "Golden Brown"(Stranglers). Juliette talked about the new
album she's recording with the Licks and the East Coast tour the
band just finished. Said she doesn't have a boyfriend now, is
celibate and sublimating all her energy on her music & acting.
When she mentioned the band wasn't making a lot of money, Jonesy
went into a speech about how you have to make music for the love
of it. They did an impromptu song together, don't remember the title.

Songs included:

Generation X-Kiss Me Deadly
David Essex-Lamplight
Cliff Richard-On The Beach
Bay City Rollers-Bye Bye Baby
Rod Stewart-Angel
Thin LIzzy-Whiskey In The Jar
Iggy Pop-Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
Nice Boys-Rose Tattoo

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