Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hollywood United won the league championship, Steve got a "proper"
massage yesterday and the in-studio webcam is operational. "A Sex
Pistol Has Sex"-- Jonesy told a story about hanging out in Chile
after a Pistols tour and "pulling" a bird. The bloke he was
hanging out with suggested Steve and the bird use his apartment
for the tryst instead of a hotel room. While Steve and the girl
were "doing the business", Steve noticed a hidden camera taping
the action. He confiscated and destroyed the offending tape, so we
won't be seeing it on the Internet.

Alex Harvey Band- No Lights On The Xmas Tree..
QOTSA-Regular John
Lou Reed-Busload of Faith
Thin Lizzy-Soldier of Fortune
Neurotic Outsiders-Angelina
Cheap Trick-Southern Girls
Pistols-Wanna Be Me
Groundhogs-Cherry Red
James Maker-Born That Way
Cult-She Sells Sanctuary
Fleetwood Mac-Jigsaw Puzzle Blues ("When they were a blues band,
before the birds joined")

Jonesys Jukebox is now on Yahoo Instant Messenger-jonesysjukebox
Next-a webcam,sez Mr. Shovel

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