Friday, December 17, 2004

Nick and Fab The Strokes

Jonesy back from vacation. The parking lot at the Courtyard is
half full, Jonesy and Mr. Shovel joked about going on strike.
Steve had an uneventful vacation, went to a few record stores, saw
"The Life Aquatic."
Guests: Nick & Fab from the Strokes. They talked about how they
were the only kids at their high school who like rock instead of
hip-hop, they've built their own recording studio & are working on
a new album. Steve talked about the show the Pistols did in 2002
in CA and how John (Lydon/Rotten) lambasted show sponsors KROQ and
Levis onstage.Also, the subject of guys waxing their chest hair
came up, and Steve told a story about how he had his nuts waxed
once "Just to do it."(Reminescent of the Viagra story)"It made me
legs bleed,"he said.

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